Ultrasound Packages and Prices

Quick Scan

Sneak Peek Any Day Package

Base Price $30

9-38 weeks

Must have two or more add on to qualify for this package(not applicables for twins)

  • Come and watch your baby any day of the week (We are open 7 days) for a 10 min 2D or 3D/4D at a base price of $30 and then you can build your package with affordable add-on
  • 4 B/W printable image $10
  • 2 Premium color printable image $10
  • CD w/unlimited color printable images $20
  • Baby's weight $20
  • Gender Determination $30
  • 10 min extra $30
  • USB of images & video (4D)$40
  • Peace of Mind Scan $40
  • Quick Scan

    Tuesday Special Quick Gender Package


    15-21 weeks

    Not applicables for twins)


    *We do a 5-10 minute 2D scan. A quick scan package

    * Perfect for moms who would like to know the gender before their 20 weeks scan. If your earlier then 15 wks no percentage is given but we can give you an idea, only an opinion as early as 13-14 wks. After 15 weeks a percentage is between 70-90%. You will receive 4 black and white images of the baby to enjoy

    * $10 off Return Visit $15 credit 3D Sculpture (same pregnancy)

    3D 4D Special

    3D/4D Experience


    Recommended 26-34 weeks

  • 30 min session
  • 1X2 3D Sculpture promo key ring size of your 3D image (initial visit)
  • CD with unlimited color images
  • 4 black and white printed images
  • Gender Determination upon request
  • Baby gift bag
  • *Diagnostics Ultrasound must call for prices
  • * Twins Gestation is an extra $50 (45 min session)

    3D 4D Special

    See Me Grow


    This Package is a great way to chronicle your pregnancy with 2 separate visits!

  • 1st Session 15+ weeks
  • 10-15 min session
  • CD w/unlimited printable images
  • Bring your own USB to get a courtesy video clips set to lullaby music (A savings of $30)
  • 4 black and white printed images
  • Gender Determination upon request

  • 2nd Session 26-32 weeks
  • 20-30 min session
  • CD w/unlimited color printable images
  • Bring the USB from 1st session and get more courtesy video clips set to music
  • 4 blk/wht images printed
  • 2 Color images printed
  • A Baby gift bag on initial visit
  • *Diagnostics Ultrasound must call for prices
  • * Not applicable for Twins Gestation

    Gift Certificates Available

    We accept every payment method

    Cancellation Policy

    Cancellation Policy: Do to the high volume if opening available you have the option to come in with no deposit and wait for a short time but must call first or pay a deposit of $25 (applied to your balance) with more availability to secure an appointment with no waiting time. This will cover an automatic cancellation fee under any event or circumstances that may arise, however you are allowed to reschedule at anytime (limited 2x). On all of our clients we have the right to reschedule for safety on Power Outages and Weather situations