Why Choose Us

The history of my facility came about through my sister Madeline who was an ultrasound technician and passed away from lung cancer.

After going through all of the trials and tribulations with my sister, I knew I had to continue her legacy at Madeline's 3D Place. Our mission is to provide a comforting experience for all of our clients to enjoy. A part of our proceeds benefits The Lung Cancer Association, in the memory of my sister Madeline.

Our Interns have over 20 years of experience and we are ARDMS and we use state of the art ultrasound equipment, GE 730 PRO Voluson with a 72" screen for larger families to enjoy. We follow strict guidelines for our clients to ensure a gratifying as well as safe experience.

We have a spacious studio for your family and friends to be able to share in your special moment. We are open 7 days a week, including weekends, evenings, and some Holidays. We also make ourselves available until 7pm nightly to answer your questions via phone as well as to help set an appointment for you. You can also book your appointment on line.

  • My ultrasound was amazing! They were both great even the girl that was training. The owner is very very nice and explained to me that it could be hard to even get good pictures bc I went at exactly 22 weeks so the baby wasn't very big. But she still got amazing pictures of my little girl! I got alot of great pictures in both black and white and in 3D... they were very gentle and made me feel right at home. I would recommend this place to EVERYONE! I would go more if I lived closer, it's hard to travel with a 2 year old hahah
    Ashley Walters
  • We just went in for a 3D/4D scan as I am having a healthy pregnancy and have no more ultrasounds scheduled from my doctor before she's born. I am 32 weeks and wanted to see my baby! We couldn't be happier with the results. We followed the instructions we were given and got beautiful clear images and video and a chance to spend some time watching our baby in her cozy little space. An amazing experience. I knew going into it that the baby could be unpredictable and didn't get my hopes unrealistically high and it ended up exceeding my expectations. I would absolutely recommend Madeline's 3D place!!
    Jessica Smith
  • Came in for a 3d/4d ultrasound of my baby and had a blast, they make you feel so welcome and their professionals. I would recommend them to anyone and I definitely will be back. They are truly awesome and its so warm felt and cheerful. Nothing more to say but loved the experience . loved the staff and left all in smiles .. Wish I could give them 100 stars . they deserve it !! ..
    Ashanti Walser
  • My boyfriend and i came to your facility last week and we had a great experience!! From the moment you walk into the door the smell of baby powder was in the air, nice soft music and the ultrasound tech took her time talked to us and really did her job well!! We recommend the Thursday special for the heartbeat bear we love ours so much!!! Thank you guys for the great service we will def recommend you guys.
    Jessica Lyn
  • I went to Madelines Place when I was pregnant with my son 2 years ago and now I am going to see my daughter. My first time there was so amazing seeing all his beautiful features and meeting him for the first time. I cried and I know with this one I will feel the same. I cant wait to welcome our little girl into the world but right now I cant wait to see her moving around and smiling.
    Jes Lopez
  • They are so wonderful my niece and her husband went there! Thanks Angie, I see the love you see with your grand baby. It was a great experience and thanks Sarah & Darren for sending this link. I can't wait to meet baby Pace!
  • My hubby n i went to Madeline's place last year when i really wanted to know what my child was instead of always unsure if its a he or she. I just cant imagine not sharing our wonderful experience when we visited Madeline's place.My first session for my sonogram was in may 20th 2010 and Mia a very experienced tech who knows her job well performed it n told us it was a girl, just what we were hoping for yeyy!.We were so over the moon when the second session which was done at 28 weeks gave as same result n she said it was a 99.5 chance of a lil girl.The most important thing is how she made us feel confident that our needs would be met to our satisfaction which we did.Now as i write this, our angel is 13months old.thank you Mia and staff
    Peninah Taylor
  • This place is BEAUTIFUL I had an awsome expericence.. I loved seeing my lil man.. and the girls there were so AWSOME and very NICE!!! Thank you so much for makin me feel comfortable and welcomed!!
    Cassaundra Baker
  • It was such a great experience! They made me feel as if I was in my own home. The dvd is a must and the pictures are incredible. I'll definitley be back if I have more children! I highly recommend Madeline's Place :)
  • I went to Madelines place when she was located in chatham. The tech I had I think her name was Maira, she was amazing and very nice. Im so bumbed that she moved her office because I am now pregnant again. I might have to take the drive up there just to have her a part of this pregnancy 2! She made it so pleasureable and an everlasting memory for me and my family.
  • I took my daughter and her husband for a 3D ultrasound as part of their Christmas present. They said it was by far the best present they ever received! It was a great experience for me too as "GRANDMA"! The place and entire experience was wonderful, warm, fun and something we will never forget.
  • I was so pleased with Madelines Place, it was the most perfect setting to meet my baby. I was able to bring some of my family memebers to share the experience with my husband and myself. We loved it, if we were to have a forth baby we will definately be back to Madelines Place. I was brought to tears, it is one of the warmest, most welcoming places I've ever been to. I would recommend Madelines Place to any pregnant women I have the opportunity to speak to. Thank you for introducing us to our little boy.
    Christina Pereira
  • It is very cozy and comfortable. It's just like walking into your own baby nursery room. It's very affordable and the staff are wonderful.
  • wow!!! my experience was out of this world..seeing my baby in 3d was an enjoyable site...I loved that place!!! It's funny how we've been brain wash into seeing our baby in regular ultrasound when in fact we are looking at all of our baby organs and not really know what we are seeing. This experience made my husband and kids realize what a true miracle we have. Now my husband gets a chance to experience what we pregnant women experiences....